When life kicks sand in your cunt, make a pearl.

Funny Town/City Names

Hell, Michigan

Well, kiddies, according to Mickey Mouse it’s a small world after all… (We know it was Walt Disney, but he was quite the racist…so fuck him…)  Fortunately for us, the nooks and crannies between the crotchless panties of this small world always hold some great little pearly gems.  We thought we’d introduce you to some of them; you may want to add it to your “Places to Travel” list!!  Here are 10 amusing town/city names…really makes you wonder what they’re known for.  Laugh on!  (Thanks Tam…)  Oh, don’t worry: we already know that some of our politically incorrect and off-beat jokes will send us straight to…well…Michigan…  Happy travels (just turn left at Titty-Ho…and be glad you weren’t born there)!

  1. [Sandy] Twatt, Shetland Islands, Scotland (we thought it would be an appropriate intro entry for this particular blog…)
  2. Hooker, Oklahoma (USA)
  3. Embarrass, Minnesota (USA)
  4. Titty-Ho, UK
  5. Intercourse, Pennsylvania (USA)
  6. Boring, Oregon City, Oregon (USA)
  7. Hell, Michigan (USA)
  8. Middlefart, Denmark (a city name that my sister calls “unfortunate”…LOL)
  9. Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada (seems Sandy Cunts should think about making a trip here!)
  10. Fucking, Austria (the “HOLY FUCK” sign of them all…seems Austria was straighter to the point than Pennsylvania!  Conversely, there is something cool about being able to say, “I’m from Fucking, Austria!!”)


Road sign - Fucking, Austria (lifted from http://www.oddee.com)


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